Molecular Weight Relationships


99  Literature References

Detailed PTT Chemistry

  Module Investment Estimates

Catalysts "The PTT Report"

Side Reactions

TPA/3G 150 MM lbs/yr PET Facilities  +

DMT/3G 100 MM lbs/yr

Conversion Capital Investment  +
Factory Processing
31  Flow Diagrams

Filament Tower Concept for Solid State Polymerization

PTT Manufacturing Cost
Pellet Plant Conversion (Polytrimethylene Teraphthalate)

Conversion Economics

Patent Statement  We are offering a multi-client study that presents the changes required to convert an existing Chemtex or Zimmer PET production line to produce PTT,  an interesting  new polyester.  It includes manufacturing cost for the TPA/3G or DMT/3G processes, and contains 129 pages of analysis, tables, flow diagrams and references.

Process Conditions

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Prepared by Former Condux, Inc. Consultants